Boost your productivity in Excel

Drill down reports from formulas!!!!!!!! 

Drilldown Report

Reporting Made Easy

Drilldown Formulas like in Pivot Table

Supported aggregate functions:


SUMIF(S) function

COUNTIF(S) function

No more linking of Pivot tables for reporting

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Understand your formulas better

Navigate Formulas with ease

No more going behind Arrows

List Precedents and Dependents

with Workbook Names, Sheet Names, Values

See all parameters of a formula at a glance

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Detect Errors Early

Check Errors in formulas with ease

All Circular References at a glance

Identify Literal numbers in formulas

Avoid Costly Errors and Embarrassing Mistakes

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Advanced Mail Merge

One-to-Many Mapping

Mail Merge made easy

Design Mail Template in Excel

One-to-Many mapping of data

Preview Mail

Send as PDF or Excel Attachment

Over come limitations of One-to-One mapping

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Transform Data

Split Workbook as PDF Files

Split Workbook as Excel Files

Split Single Sheet into Multiple Sheets

Consolidate Multiple Sheets into One Sheet

List Unique Records into new Sheet

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Frequently Asked Questions

My Excel is 32-bit version or 64-bit version?

Open Excel: File -> Help -> About Microsoft Excel (OR)

Open Excel: File -> Account -> About Microsoft Excel

How to Install Add-In?

Keep .xll and .license files in same folder.

Navigate to Add-Ins dialogue box and

Browse to the above folder

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Time is Finite and Precious. Save it with ExcelWorld.

License Validity


One Year License per machine at US$ 11.99

Two Years License per machine at US$ 18.99

Lifetime License per machine at US$ 19.99

* 100% Money Back Guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can claim refund within 14 days from the date of purchase.

Free Version

In free version, Navigator feature is enabled. To enable all other features, you need to buy licence.

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